A unique gourmet tour in Galicia, which you don't find anywhere else
Try a taste of L'viv
Do you like to eat and try various cuisines with pleasure?
Then our tour is right for you.
Learn evetything about the traditions and food culture in Galicia.

Don't miss the most delicious 3 hours of your life
Gourmet tour in Galicia - an unforgettable 3-hour tour of Lviv restaurants where the locals eat. In each restaurant you will learn many new and interesting facts about the Galician cuisine and it's traditions.
What is included:
all the meals
tour with English speaking guide

What is not included:
alcoholic beverages

Meet your gourmet guide
Your guide is a well-known food-blogger and co-founder of Galician Cuisine Club. Vsevolod knows everything about the traditions of cooking in Lviv and is excited to share his knowledge with you.
Unique offer
Ukraine Travel Lab – is the first and the only company that offers gourmet tours in Ukrainian Galicia. Travelling all over the country, you won't find any similar tour or excursion. Indeed, where else, if not in Lviv to treat yourself with fantastic meals and meanwhile enjoy the beautiful spots?!
You simply can not understand the beauty of L'viv if you haven't tried the way it tastes
Galician cuisine contains the perfect combination of Ukrainian, Armenian, Jewish and Polish culinary cultures. Galician culinary traditions are reviving now, especially in L'viv.
What to expect?
3 hours
3 restaurants
2 to 15 members in the group
Dozens of meals
gourmet guide
unforgettable L'viv

35 $
per person

An easy way to determine if you really want to go on a gourmet tour in Galicia:

Look at the pictures of meals below;
Check if your mouth is watering.
If your answer is "yes", then this tour is right for you. Congratulations!
How is the tour held?
You meet your gourmet guide
He takes you to the most colorful restaurants in Lviv
You learn about the most incredible traditions and food culture in Galicia
Your journey starts with a welcome drink and appetizers of local Jewish cuisine
Then you taste traditional for this region Ukrainian and Armenian dishes
And the fabulous Polish dessert as a chery on the cake
Number of seats is limited!
Hurry up and book the tour!

Only 15 seats. Left: 10.

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